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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Assisting Clients with Orders of Protection in Domestic Violence Cases in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

While the Law Office of Karen Schoenau maintains a strong family law practice, we also serve our clients’ needs in other important matters, including domestic violence.

Our experienced attorneys often handle domestic violence cases in Scottsdale, bringing and contesting motions for orders for protection and injunctions against harassment (commonly referred to as “restraining orders”). We are familiar with the court system and do not hesitate to take every action necessary to help you achieve the results you depend on.

A gavel sits next to a book that reads "domestic violence" in Scottsdale

We know that everyone’s situation is different. No one deserves violence, and we fight hard to protect our clients from harm. If you are a victim of domestic violence in Scottsdale, you have every right to petition the courts for an order for protection. We can help.

At the same time, we are aware that orders for protection are often unfairly used to gain leverage in a divorce or child custody proceeding. In these cases, we do whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to protect our clients’ rights.

The consequences of having an order for protection against you can be serious. They can have a permanent effect on your relationship with your children and even lead to more long-lasting criminal implications.

Talk to a Lawyer About Domestic Violence in Scottsdale, AZ

While there is a nearly unlimited amount of legal information about domestic violence on the Internet, the best way to learn about how the law applies to you is to talk with an attorney. Talk with attorney Karen Schoenau by contacting us at (480) 209-1918. You can also email us to schedule a confidential consultation.

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