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In Arizona, establishing spousal maintenance (also called alimony or spousal support) is an important part of many divorces. Working with a well-qualified Scottsdale attorney is often the best way to protect your post-divorce financial situation. At the Law Office of Karen Schoenau, we can help you obtain the spousal maintenance you are entitled to. We also represent spouses who may be liable for spousal support payments. Whatever your side of the alimony equation, our experienced family law attorney helps you achieve the best possible outcome in your Scottsdale spousal maintenance matter. We use our years of experience and our in-depth knowledge of Arizona divorce law to make sure your interests are protected before, during, and after the divorce process.

Factors in Scottsdale Spousal Maintenance Awards

Sometimes, the best way to achieve fair alimony results is for the two spouses to agree on the amount and duration of support payments. Arizona attorney Karen Schoenau is an experienced negotiator who often achieves outstanding results through divorce mediation. If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement through mediation, the court may award alimony based on answers to questions such as:

  • Does one spouse lack sufficient property to provide for their reasonable needs?
  • Is one spouse unable to be self-sufficient because of illness or disability?
  • Is one spouse the caretaker of a child and consequently unable to find employment that could make that person self-supporting?
  • Did one spouse contribute to the educational opportunities of the other spouse?
  • Is one spouse of an age that prevents them from obtaining employment?
  • Does one spouse lack the education or experience needed to find employment in today’s job market?
  • Was there a prenuptial agreement that governs spousal maintenance in Scottsdale?
  • How long were the parties married?
  • Does one spouse have sufficient property or income to make alimony payments?
  • Did one spouse attempt to hide assets?
  • Who will pay for health insurance?
  • How will payment or receipt of alimony affect the parties’ tax liability?
  • Would it be advantageous for the paying spouse to agree to a larger divorce settlement rather than alimony payments?

Termination or Modification of Spousal Maintenance in Scottsdale

In Arizona, either spouse may seek to modify a spousal support arrangement if their financial circumstances change. For example, the spouse receiving temporary Scottsdale spousal maintenance may become ill and need additional time to become self-supporting. Additionally, if the receiving spouse remarries, spousal support usually stops. These and other factors can influence the court’s decision to change or terminate payments.

Call an Experienced Scottsdale Divorce Attorney in Arizona

It can be difficult to understand how the court might award alimony in your Arizona divorce case. Talk with an experienced lawyer to learn about your spousal maintenance options. Call Scottsdale spousal support attorney Karen Schoenau at (480) 209-1918 today, or fill out the online form.

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