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Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements Lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Arizona Family Law Attorneys Assist Clients with Scottsdale Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreement Solutions

For many Arizona couples, a prenuptial agreement is a smart choice. Prenups can help you plan for the unexpected, protecting your interests and financial well-being in case the relationship should end with death, separation, or divorce. At the Law Office of Karen Schoenau, our lawyers keep this in mind. We draft and review prenuptial (premarital) and postnuptial agreements. In certain situations, we may also be able to contest or uphold the validity of an existing agreement in case of death, legal separation, or divorce.

A Prenuptial Agreement for Your Unique Needs in Scottsdale, AZ

A piece of paper with two rings on it in Scottsdale reads "prenuptial agreement"

Because each couple is different, each has different legal needs and goals. That’s why we custom draft Scottsdale prenuptial agreements tailored to you. We begin by sitting down with you and talking about your situation. Our attorneys are good listeners. We pay attention to the details and make sure that each detail is accounted for in your legal document.

We will help you understand exactly how Arizona law may apply to you. Arizona is a community property state. This means that assets, wages, and earnings acquired during the marriage are presumed to be owned equally by both husband and wife. It also means that each spouse is equally responsible for all debts acquired by either spouse during the marriage.

Difficult situations can arise when one spouse comes into the marriage with significant assets or debts. During the marriage, existing finances often commingle with new property or debt acquired during the marriage. The result can be that, when a marriage ends, a spouse may unfairly lose property or gain debt.

Prenuptial agreements in Scottsdale help you avoid this problem by letting you and your future spouse divide property your way instead of relying on Arizona’s community property laws. That is why they are an especially good choice for couples with great disparities in incomes or assets.

Talk to a Scottsdale Family Lawyer About Your Options

The best way to get an effective and enforceable prenuptial agreement in Scottsdale that meets your needs is to talk with an attorney. Talk with attorney Karen Schoenau; contact us at (480) 209-1918.

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