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Physician Divorce Lawyer in Scottsdale

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Experienced Help with Complex Asset Division in Physician Divorce Cases in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

Divorces involving physicians and doctors can be complicated. There are often a high number of assets involved which can make property division more complex than normal. At the Law Office of Karen Schoenau, our Phoenix physician divorce lawyer has extensive experience handling marriage dissolutions for medical professionals. We will work closely with you to ensure that your valuable interests are protected throughout the legal process.

Handling Professional Practices in Arizona Divorce

One of the most contentious issues at the end of a marriage often involves the division and distribution of marital property and debts. This can prove to be particularly emotional when a private professional practice is involved. Our Arizona doctor divorce attorney has handled a number of complex divorce cases, and can help you with all of the issues that arise in high-asset divorces, including:

In addition to helping you determine what to do with your professional practice, the legal team at the Law Office of Karen Schoenau can handle all of the other issues that arise in a divorce, including child custody and visitation, as well as matters concerning child support and spousal support or alimony. In every case, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the fair and equitable portion of the property to which you are entitled.

Call for a Consultation with Our Family Law Attorney About Your Scottsdale Physician Divorce Case

If you are a medical professional or the spouse of a medical professional and your marriage is at an end, we can help. Contact our Phoenix physician divorce attorney online or call 480-467-3435 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. We will guide you through the legal process as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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