Permanent Orders Hearings

Permanent Orders Hearings for Arizona Divorce Cases

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Permanent orders hearings refer to court proceedings that typically occur when the parties of a divorce cannot come to an agreement regarding one or more issues of their divorce case. Also commonly referred to as divorce trials, permanent orders hearings are important to prepare for, can increase the cost of divorces and are intended to result in a final resolution to disputed divorce cases.

Permanent Orders Hearings in Arizona: Important Info to Know

Permanent Orders Hearings in Arizona

The following is just some of the more important information you may want to know about permanent orders hearings for Arizona divorce cases:

  • When permanent orders hearings occur – Whenever the partners in a divorce case are not able to resolve disputed issues of their divorce (like, for instance, issues regarding custody or payment obligations), permanent orders hearings usually take place. They may also occur when there may be a misrepresentation of the marital property and/or when there may be a significant discrepancy between the bargaining positions of each party in the divorce.
  • What happens during permanent orders hearings – During these proceedings, each party in the divorce will usually present his or her case, which can involve the presentation of evidence, documentation and/or witness testimony (including possibly expert witness testimony). When both sides have finished presenting their cases, it will be up to the presiding judge to rule on the disputed issues.
  • How long permanent orders hearings last – While the duration of permanent orders hearings will vary from case to case, in general, these hearings can last anywhere from 2 hours to days, weeks, or longer, depending on the specific disputes and issues in a divorce case.
  • The impacts of permanent orders hearings – While permanent orders hearings are meant to resolve the issues of a disputed divorce, there can be other impacts of these hearings, particularly when it comes to divorce costs and each partner’s satisfaction with the outcome of the divorce. In particular, permanent orders hearings can increase the costs of divorce and may result in outcomes that are less favorable for divorcing partners, as these people will not have a direct hand in choosing the outcome of their case. Consequently, it can be a good idea to consider other dispute resolution options for divorce (like mediation, for instance) before proceeding with permanent orders hearings.

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