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Parenting Issues During Scottsdale Divorce

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Arizona Family Lawyer Helps Clients Deal with Parenting Issues During Scottsdale & Phoenix Divorces

If you share children with your spouse and you will be filing for divorce, dealing with various parenting issues will likely be a primary focus of your upcoming divorce case. In fact, even if you are not going through divorce, sorting out parenting issues in Scottsdale court with the other parent can be important.

Given that favorably resolving issues can impact your future time and relationship with your child, having an experienced attorney on your side – like Scottsdale Family Lawyer Karen Schoenau – is essential to:

  • Protecting your rights and interests.
  • Successfully resolving parenting issues in Scottsdale.
  • Moving on and looking towards your future with your child(ren).

Parenting Issues in Divorce: Here’s What Needs to Be Considered

Parenting Issues in Divorce

When it comes to dealing with parenting issues in a Scottsdale divorce, the following are just some of the more important matters that will need to be resolved:

  • Parenting time – Specifically, this refers to the time that each parent spends with the child. When it comes to making determinations regarding parenting time, the court will generally make decisions based on what it sees as being in the best interests of the involved child(ren).
  • Legal decision-making responsibilities This refers to the legal authority to make significant decisions about the upbringing, care, and welfare of a child. While legal decision-making responsibilities for a child can specifically include the authority to made decisions regarding a child’s education, religion, etc., it can be split between both parents or only be awarded to one parent, depending on a given situation.
  • Child support obligations According to Arizona child support guidelines, the law stipulates that, when the court issues orders regarding parenting time or custody, it must also issue rulings regarding what (if any) amount of child support should be paid by each parent. Even if joint custody has been granted in a given case, parents should not assume that they will not have child support obligations.

Here, it’s also important to note that, when parenting issues in a Scottsdale divorce arise, the court will likely order the divorcing spouses to attend the Parent Education Program (which is usually a 4 to 6 hour course pertaining to the impacts of divorce on adults and minor children).

Family Law & Child Custody Attorney at the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau

If parenting issues will be a part of your impending divorce, you can trust Scottsdale Family Law Attorney Karen Schoenau for experienced help, honest answers, and effective representation. Since 1987, Karen Schoenau has been committed to helping people favorably resolve their sensitive family law matters, including complex cases related to custody and divorce.

Dedicated to providing the highest-quality legal services at reasonable rates, Family Law Attorney Karen Schoenau will always:

  • Work closely with each of her clients to help them understand their best options for resolving their parenting issues in divorce.
  • Aggressively advocate her clients’ best interests in any legal setting.
  • Work diligently to help her clients bring their cases related to Scottsdale parenting issues to successful resolutions.

Contact an Experienced Family Law Attorney Who Can Help You Deal with Parenting Issues in a Scottsdale Divorce

To receive professional advice regarding your best options for resolving your parenting issues in divorce, schedule an initial consultation with Attorney Karen Schoenau. You can set up this meeting by calling 480-209-1918 or by emailing us using the contact form.

From her offices based in Scottsdale, Attorney Karen Schoenau represents clients throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area and the state of Arizona, including Scottsdale, Mesa, Surprise, Maricopa County, Pinal County, and Gila County.

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