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Divorce can be a difficult decision. For those who are not ready to officially dissolve their marriage, or for those who do not want to get a divorce for religious, cultural or other personal reasons, legal separation may be a good option. For all intents and purposes, legal separation is like a divorce, but the couple is still legally married.

Sometimes couples do not know whether legal separation or divorce is the best option for them. If you are struggling to decide which option is best, the Phoenix-based Law Office of Karen Schoenau can help. Our attorneys will discuss the matters of divorce and legal separation with you, and we will explain the differences and legal ramifications of each. We make sure that you have all the information so you can make a sound decision about your future.

Legal Separation Issues in Arizona

Legal Separation Lawyer Scottsdale AZ

Couples getting a legal separation must determine the same issues as in a divorce, including:

This means that the procedures for determining these issues are also like that in a divorce, such as fact gathering, negotiating, and litigating. This also means that if there is a significant change in circumstances after the legal separation, parties will need to make a formal modification of the order with the court.

At the Law Office of Karen Schoenau, our Phoenix legal separation lawyers serve as strong client advocates in these matters. We work hard to protect our clients’ interests and achieve a positive outcome through negotiations or courtroom action if necessary.

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