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Courts usually lean toward having both parents involved in their children’s lives when the courts become involved in custody matters. This is usually accomplished through the development of parenting plans and visitation schedules. In some cases, however, one parent or the court itself does not want the other parent to have contact with a child without another person being present. This is known as supervised visitation.

At the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau, our experienced Scottsdale supervised visitation attorney understands the challenging issues involved in custody matters. Attorney Karen Schoenau knows that requesting this type of custody, or being required to abide by supervised visitation that has been court ordered, can complicate everyone’s lives. She is committed to helping clients achieve the best outcome possible, one that works for them and protects their children.

When Do Arizona Courts Order Supervised Visitation?

Courts order supervised visitation when they are convinced that a child could be hurt by the other parent in some way. It is not ordered just because one parent wants to restrict the other parent’s access to the child. Rather, courts order this type of supervised visitation under circumstances that include:

  • The child expresses the wish to not see the parent alone.
  • The parent has a history of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • The court has determined that the parent has a history of child abuse, domestic violence, or child neglect.
  • The court has determined that the parent is involved in dangerous or illegal activity or associates with people who are involved in illegal activity.
  • The parent has not been previously involved in the child’s life and needs a neutral space for initial meetings.
  • The parent has a history of emotional or mental illness.
  • There is the possibility of parental abduction.
  • There is a potential threat of parental abduction.

How Does Supervised Visitation Work in Arizona?

Supervised visitation involves having a court-appointed, neutral third-party present during the child’s visits with the parent who is believed to be a potential danger to the well-being of the child. In some cases, the visits must occur in a public space, such as a coffee shop or restaurant, or at the court itself. The supervision may be provided by someone who both parents agree upon and who is approved by the court, or it may be provided by a social worker who is trained in this area. Whatever form supervised visitation takes, it is meant to allow the child to continue to see the parent in a safe and protective environment.

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