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Divorce Lawyer Handling Parental Alienation Cases in Scottsdale

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Experienced Arizona Family Law Attorney Assists Clients with Parental Alienation Cases in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

Children can be casualties of divorce. This is especially true when one parent tries to poison a child’s relationship with the other parent. Known as parental alienation, such behavior can permanently affect the child’s relationship with the other parent. Family courts frown on this tactic, which parents sometimes use to get the upper hand in child custody cases. As a result, parental alienation strategies in Scottsdale can backfire on the parent who tries to influence the outcome of a disputed child custody matter. However, although they may not succeed, efforts to turn a child against the other parent may still have lasting consequences.

If you think the other parent is trying to turn your child against you, either during the divorce proceedings or after the final decree, it is important to take action. At our Scottsdale law firm, the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau, we help parents who have been victimized by parental alienation efforts, as well as those who have been accused by the other parent of employing this strategy. After more than 30 years handling family law matters, Scottsdale divorce lawyer Karen Schoenau has seen it all and knows how to fight back on behalf of clients.

Clues That the Other Parent Seeks to Alienate Your Child in Your Arizona Divorce Case

Parents trying to steer their children away from the other parent often use every strategy they can think of to succeed. The proof of a successful parental alienation campaign in Scottsdale, however, is usually in the child’s words and behavior. Here are some indicators that should suggest what is happening:

  • Does your child always want to return to the other parent’s home during scheduled visits?
  • Has your child become uncommunicative, rude, or unresponsive?
  • Does your child no longer seem happy to see you?
  • Has your child stopped using an endearing name for you?
  • Does your child suggest you are to blame for the other parent’s problems?
  • Does your child frequently miss scheduled visits or activities?
  • Does the child seem to know the details of your divorce settlement?
  • Does the other parent fail to notify you of activities and school events that you hear about later?
  • Does the other parent show up early to collect the child or routinely deliver the child late?

In addition, your child may tell you that the other parent:

  • Doesn’t like to hear about the fun experienced with you.
  • Constantly tells the child that the lifestyle changes from the divorce, or the divorce itself, are your fault.
  • Questions the child about your personal life, finances, and lifestyle choices.

If you notice these types of behaviors, it is important to get control of the situation as soon as possible to minimize the damage to your relationship with your child.

Contact the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau in Scottsdale to Discuss Your Parental Alienation Matter

Successfully restoring your relationship with your child after a parental alienation campaign depends on many factors. Talking with a knowledgeable Arizona family law attorney is a good first step. Learn about the options available to you. Call the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau at (480) 209-1918. You may also fill out the online form.

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