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Non-Parent Custody Issues in Arizona

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In Loco Parentis Lawyer Helps Grandparents and Others with Child Custody Disputes in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve encountered a non-parent custody issue in Scottsdale, our experienced attorney is here to help. In Arizona, any non-parent — including grandparents, significant others, aunts, uncles, or great grandparents — may file for custody if they have been standing in loco parentis to a child. The phrase in loco parentis means non-parent custody. This describes a person who has been treated as a parent by the child and who has formed a meaningful parental relationship with the child for a substantial period of time.

In addition to acting in loco parentis, the person must show the court:

  • It would be significantly detrimental to the child to remain or be placed in the custody of either of the child’s living legal parents who wish to retain or obtain custody.
  • There has not been a custody order within one year.
  • That the child’s biological parents are not married, are getting divorced, or one of the biological parents is deceased.
  • That the party filing for custody as acted as a parental figure to the child.

A grandparent, a great-grandparent, or a person who stands in loco parentis to a child may also bring a proceeding for visitation rights with a child. However, non-parent custody issues in Scottsdale may be complex and require an experienced attorney who knows the statutory factors and is able to present them persuasively to the court.

Karen A. Schoenau is an experienced Scottsdale non-parent custody attorney who has been extremely successful in obtaining results for non-parents through the in loco parentis law, as well as through guardianship, dependency, or grandparents visitation proceedings. She has over two decades of experience in family law — with a focus on complex child custody law. She brings affordable, experienced, and professional representation to all of her clients.

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