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  • I’m not being given the Parenting Time I’m due

  • The other parent is not respecting our visitation agreement

  • The other parent and I have major disagreements on decision making

  • My child is not safe with my ex

Each of these is a possible indication of a flawed custody agreement. Attorney Karen Schoenau has decades of experience dealing with disputes around custody and visitation. 
You have questions – she has answers.
  • Do I have the rights I should have?
  • Can those rights be enforced?
  • What are my chances?
  • How much might it cost?

Call or fill out the form below. Well arrange a no cost conversation with our Custody Case Analyst: Susan Rosen. Susan will listen to your issues and take the time to make sure you both agree on the problem and on your desired outcome. If it makes sense to you, Susan will arrange a consultation with Karen to delve into the legal issues and give you her opinion on how best to proceed.


You and your children deserve the best possible outcome. An experienced Custody Lawyer with a focus on childrens issues is your best choice.

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