Will My Divorce Be Part of Public Record?

It depends on how your divorce is resolved and whether your case involves certain issues. In general, most matters that are resolved in court – including divorce cases – WILL be part of public record.

This means that anyone who wants to find out certain information about a specific divorce case usually can do so, finding details regarding the following (among other things) by looking at the public court divorce records:

  • Who filed for divorce first (i.e., who the petitioner is).
  • When the couple officially split up and when the divorce paperwork was filed.
  • The grounds for divorce.
  • What either party is requesting or wants from the divorce.

Are There Exceptions to Divorce Being Part of Public Record?

Yes, with some of the more notable exceptions being:

  • Divorce cases involving domestic violence In some states, divorce cases that involve allegations of abuse will remain private, usually in an effort to protect the victims. Additionally, if a psychiatric evaluation of either or both parties in the divorce is completed as part of the divorce process, the results of these evaluations will typically remain private even if the divorce case does not necessarily involve allegations of abuse.
  • Divorce cases filed under seal – It can be possible for divorcing parties to specifically request that their divorce documents are not made public by filing for divorce under seal. In these cases, the judge will have the final say in granting (or denying) the request. Common cases that are filed under seal are those in which there is a need to protect the involved children (from being identified) or it is necessary to protect certain proprietary information.
  • Divorce cases resolved via mediation Not all divorce cases have to proceed in court. In fact, when couples can work together to resolve their issues via mediation, the details of their divorce will remain private (as mediation cases and outcomes are not part of public record). What may be even more beneficial, however, is the fact that divorce mediation allows divorcing parties to develop their own solutions, rather than leaving it up to the court to decide.

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