Where to Look for Hidden Assets in Divorce

Divorce can put people under a lot of stress, and feelings of resentment and anger can lead some to feel that they “deserve” certain things from their marriage or divorce. This, in turn, can tempt people to want to hide certain assets in divorce, preventing the other spouse from knowing about them or trying to lay claim to them in future proceedings.

If you suspect that your ex may be trying to hide assets in your divorce, below, we’ll explain where to start looking. When you need professional help, however, discovering hidden assets in divorce or favorably resolving a divorce case, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Scottsdale divorce lawyer.

Here’s Where to Start Looking for Hidden Assets in Divorce

  • Bank statements – Have the balances in your joint checking and/or savings accounts dropped substantially in recent months (without some reason)? Or have you noticed that your ex has been receiving new bank statements in the recent weeks or months? If so, either of these could indicate an attempt to hide assets in divorce.
    • While people may drain joint accounts to deprive their exes of funds (to, for instance, try to prevent them from being able to afford a lawyer), they can also set up new individual accounts to further complicate their partner’s understanding of (and access to) other funds.
  • Income tax documents – Tax returns can also be a good place to look when trying to discover whether an ex may be trying to hide assets in divorce. This is because these documents can highlight when someone has overpaid taxes (with an expectation to get a return after the divorce), has changed their pay structure (by, for instance, switching to a commission-based pay to make it seem like the income is lower than it may actually be), etc.
  • Other documents – Credit card statements, loan documents, business documents and even contracts for safety deposit boxes can also be important to look at when you are on the hunt to find out if your ex is trying to hide assets in your divorce.

Here, it’s also important to point out that:

  • These are NOT the only places where people can try to hide assets. For instance, people can try to hide marital assets in offshore accounts, with friends/family or in various other ways.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to get court subpoenas to further investigations into hidden assets in divorce.
  • If you suspect your ex is concealing marital assets, the best thing you can do is to contact an experienced attorney like Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer Karen Schoenau, who can bring experience and resources to this investigation to ensure you discover any and ALL hidden assets in divorce.

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