What to Bring to an Initial Consult with a Divorce Lawyer

After deciding to file for divorce and retain an attorney, one of the next things you will likely do will be to meet with a divorce lawyer to find out more about your case and options for moving forward.

The initial consult is a good time for you to learn more about the divorce process and what to expect as you proceed. And, bringing some specific things with you to this meeting can help a lawyer provide you with better answers, information, advice, and expectations.

So, below, we will point out what you should try to compile and bring with you when meeting with a divorce attorney for the first time.

Bring These Items with You When Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

  • Personal information for you and your ex – While your own personal info is familiar to you, you may not be as familiar with your ex’s personal info. So, try to write down and bring some of the following info regarding your ex:
    • His or her name, contact info and social security number (SSN).
    • His or her employment information, including contact info for the employer.
  • Information regarding your marital holdings – Specifically, this will include any document that details the marital assets, with these items typically including:
    • Bank account statements.
    • Retirement account statements.
    • Insurance policies.
    • Deeds, titles, and other ownership documents.
    • A list of additional marital assets (that may not be documented in the above documents).
  • Information regarding your marital debts – If you and your ex have shared debt, then documents regarding this debt should also be brought to the initial consult if possible. Such documents can include:
    • Mortgage and other loan documents.
    • Credit card statements.
    • Statements from any other open joint lines of credit.
  • Other important information – Depending on your situation, there may be other important documents to bring with you when you meet a lawyer. Commonly , these types of documents include:

Your Initial Consult with a Scottsdale Divorce Attorney: More Important Info

  • Be prepared to answer some sensitive questions – When you meet with a divorce lawyer, you may be asked some sensitive questions about your marital relationship and/or finances. The answers to these questions can be pivotal to determining what your best options are for proceeding, so be ready to open up and provide some honest answers.
  • Be ready to ask questions – While the initial consultation is time for you to find out about divorce, it’s also an opportunity for you to ask some questions and clear up any confusion or worries you may have. So, take some time to write down all of your questions so you are ready to ask them during the initial consult.

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