Retirement Accounts and Divorce

Retirement Accounts and Divorce

Inherited individual retirement accounts (IRAs) often accrue interest during a marriage, but the question of whether the financial asset should be considered marital property or shared property during a divorce is up for debate.

Retirement Accounts and Divorce in Arizona

There are no definitive guidelines, set precedents, or rules that regulate a court’s decision on what to do about inherited IRAs during a divorce. Sometimes, these assets are being split up in divorce proceedings; in other cases, the money is considered separate property. With IRAs, the ex-spouse is allowed to be named as a new beneficiary to the policy. The IRA holders accept the transfers, and nearly all owners are complying with these court orders, despite a lack of official rulings on this controversial issue.

Courts are increasingly deciding to share these IRAs as part of the property division that occurs during a divorce, so it is important to talk to a legal representative when you have concerns about your IRA during a divorce in Arizona.

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