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What Costs Can Child Support Be Used For in Arizona?

Posted By Legal Team | March 5 2023 | Child Support

Child support obligates a parent, typically the non-custodial, to support their child financially. The purpose of child support is to ensure that the child’s basic needs are met and that the child has a reasonable standard of living despite their parents not being together.

The amount of child support paid will be determined by evaluating the income of both parents, the number of children to be supported, and how the custody agreement is constructed. The court typically uses a formula based on these factors to determine the amount that should be paid.

The overall objective of child support is to ensure that both parents contribute to their child’s upbringing, even if they are not in a relationship with each other.

What Child Support Covers

The primary purpose of child support is to make sure that a child’s basic needs are met. These needs include food, shelter, and clothing. But, they are not all child support should be used for. It is meant to pay for expenses like school fees, educational opportunities, and extracurricular activities. It can also be used for entertainment purposes.

The cost of raising a child varies and changes depending on the season of a child’s life. Child support is there to meet the needs of the child, whatever they may be. The court does not monitor how child support is used if the basic needs of the child are met.

Basic Needs

Child support is used to ensure the child has food, clothing, and shelter. It can be used to buy groceries so that the child has access to nutritious meals.

Another use of child support money is for seasonally appropriate clothing. Child support is often used to purchase clothing items.

Since the child needs a place to live, child support may pay rent, utilities, mortgage payments, and the other expenses needed to keep a safe and secure roof over their heads.

Health Insurance

Basic medical care is necessary for all children. Often, the parent with better healthcare coverage through their job will carry the child on their health insurance policy. Out-of-pocket costs like co-pays, deductibles, surgeries, and procedures not covered by health insurance are considered good uses of child support dollars.

Other healthcare costs that child support money is often used to pay include glasses, orthodontic or dental care, casts, and stitches. Child support may also be used to pay for pre-existing medical condition costs.

Additional Expenses Child Support May Cover

Loving, considerate parents want their children to benefit from child support payments. They will often use that money for the following expenses:

  • Educational costs like tuition, uniforms, textbooks, lunch money, tutors, and school supplies
  • Contributions to the child’s college fund
  • Childcare so that the custodial parent can work
  • Travel costs, like a car or public transportation, can be covered through child support.
  • Fun and entertainment could include toys, the internet, and activities.

The Importance of Child Support

Children have needs that go above and beyond the basic necessities. However, child support can provide for their food, clothing, and shelter. Child support ensures that the child’s medical and educational needs are met and that their lifestyle is not drastically altered due to their parents choosing not to have a relationship.

Child support from the non-custodial parent will ensure that the child can live as full a life as they would had their parents been together. If you live in Arizona and have questions about child support as a custodial or non-custodial parent, reach out to a family law attorney with the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau for guidance.

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