Should I File for Divorce or Bankruptcy First?

Marriage problems and debt can be two sides of the same coin. While serious financial issues can stress a marriage and trigger the need for divorce, so too can divorce create financial stresses, creating the need to file for bankruptcy in order to get out from under overwhelming debt.

When divorce and bankruptcy are on your horizon, knowing which case to pursue first can be tricky – and making the right choice can be integral to setting yourself up for success in the next chapter of your life.

Revealing more about the issues to consider when divorce and bankruptcy are impending, the following provides some important answers to commonly asked questions about filing for divorce before or after bankruptcy.

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Filing for Divorce Before or After Bankruptcy: FAQs

Q – What Are the Benefits to Filing for Divorce Before Bankruptcy?

A – It depends on your circumstances, but generally, some of the advantages that can be realized when pursuing divorce before a bankruptcy case can include (and are not necessarily limited to):

  • Possibly qualifying for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (as only your income will be counted in the means test, as opposed to both you and your ex’s income if you pursued a joint bankruptcy case).
  • Not having to deal with your ex during the bankruptcy case (which may be a big deal if you and your ex cannot interact on civil terms or you need to pursue a Chapter 13 case that can take years to resolve).

Q – What Are the Possible Downsides to Filing for Divorce Before Bankruptcy?

A – Generally, some potential disadvantages to pursuing divorce prior to bankruptcy can be that:

  • The divorce takes longer to resolve, as all of the debt will have to be divided as part of the division of marital property.
  • The divorce ends up costing more (if its drawn out because of property division issues).
  • The debt continues to mount during the course of the divorce, potentially putting people in the position to be sued by creditors, have their wages garnished, and/or have their assets repossessed.

Q – What Are the Benefits to Filing for Bankruptcy Prior to Divorce?

A – In general, some of the advantages that may be enjoyed when filing for bankruptcy before filing for divorce can include that:

  • The divorce takes far less time (and money) to resolve, as the property division aspect of the case can usually proceed quickly/relatively easily (because the bankruptcy has resolved the debt issues).
  • Couples won’t have to worry about their debt continuing to snowball during their divorce.

Q – What Are the Possible Downsides to Filing for Bankruptcy Prior to Divorce?

A – In general, some of the potential disadvantages to pursuing bankruptcy before a divorce case can include that:

  • You will be forced to deal with your ex through the course of the bankruptcy case. If you’re pursuing a Chapter 13 case, this can mean that your divorce is put off for months – if not years.
  • You will not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy because both your and your spouse’s income will be used in the means test.

The Bottom Line: Talk to an Experienced Arizona Divorce Lawyer

When divorce and bankruptcy are needed, the best thing to do is to consult with an experienced lawyer who can carefully review the details of your situation and advice you on your best options.

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