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Are You Really Ready for Divorce? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions to Find Out

Posted By Legal Team | November 20 2017 | Divorce

Marriage can be as rewarding as it may be challenging at times. And during some of the more difficult spots, you may think about or even threaten divorce.
For some people, these considerations or threats may be backed by good intentions. But, when the smoke clears and it’s time to think about the real logistics of what divorce will entail, it will be important to think about whether it is really time to proceed with a divorce. And answering the following questions can be pivotal to making this determination – and understanding what your next best steps are.

Questions to Answer When Strongly Considering Divorce

  1. Do I still love my spouse and am I willing to continue working on the marriage? – If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then it may not be the right time for a divorce. Instead, you may want to consider entering individual or couples counseling to try to work through the marital issues. If, alternatively, you may be done working on the marriage and you are ready to move on (even if you love your spouse), it may be the right time to proceed with a divorce.
  2. Have you considered divorce outside of a fight or an emotionally-charged moment? – This is really important because the intensity of your desire to end your marriage can quickly dissipate when anger (or other emotions) subside. So, if you have not thought about divorce outside of an intense situation, make sure you consider it when you are alone, things are calm and you are not necessarily reacting to an event/fight/situation. Your opinions and thoughts in these calmer times can be far more telling about whether you are really ready to end your marriage.
  3. Are you ready to deal with the sensitive issues of divorce? – If you think you are ready for divorce, ask yourself if you are really ready to divide up your marital property/debts, potentially move out of the home and resolve custody-related issues. Divorce can bring up a lot of sensitive matters, and if you are not quite ready to emotionally deal with these issues in divorce, you may want to put off your divorce until you are better mentally prepared.
  4. Are you financially prepared to move forward with a divorce? – Or, more specifically, do you have a savings you can rely on for at least six months or so to cover your living expenses through divorce? If not, you may want to put off divorce for a little bit while you save up some money, as this can help you avoid some of the financial stresses that may arise in divorce.

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