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Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney in Scottsdale

Posted By Legal Team | February 10 2020 | Divorce

divorce attorney, divorce attorney questionsAre you looking for a divorce attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona? Whatever your situation, it’s important to find a professional you can trust to help you through this sometimes difficult process. Finding a qualified law firm can be difficult, however. With so many professionals to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Find the best solution for you by asking a potential legal representative the following questions:

How much experience do you have with cases like this?

The first question you should ask a divorce attorney is how much experience he or she has. While a new firm may charge you less for their services, the legal team may be unable to provide the quality results you need.

What and when will I be charged?

It’s also important to know how much the divorce attorney will charge for your case. Ask about the hourly rate and other processing fees. Don’t forget to inquire about payment options, as some firms do offer payment plans.

When will my case likely be resolved?

While it’s impossible for a divorce attorney to predict the length of your case with 100 percent accuracy, he or she may be able to provide an estimate. Even a rough guess can help you mentally prepare for the process. It may also help you more accurately predict the total cost of your case.

Looking for a Divorce Attorney in Scottsdale?

Are you looking for an experienced divorce attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona? Now that you know which questions to ask, it’s time to schedule a consultation with a professional. The Law Office of Karen Schoenau offers assistance with a wide variety of divorce-related services, including child custody and child support. Our highly-trained legal team has years of experience and has served families in the area for a long time. We’re dedicated to providing helpful legal advice and unbeatable customer care. 

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