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How to Prepare for Child Custody Mediation

Posted By Legal Team | May 27 2023 | Child Custody

Child custody mediation is a strategy involving both parents in developing a parenting plan to address how a child will spend time with each parent after divorce and addresses the responsibilities involved in decision-making about the child. The benefit of mediation is that the focus is on the future and how to proceed as opposed to what has happened in the past. Mediation benefits parents that cannot agree on the major decisions that will affect their child and are a free service moderated by a neutral party.

If you need guidance in the mediation process and writing a parenting plan, reach out to a Scottsdale child custody attorney that will make your child’s best interests a top priority. A sensitive time, particularly for your child, deserves the attention of a team that provides compassionate legal representation when preparing for child custody mediation.

Preparing for Child Custody Mediation

You must submit one of three forms to request mediation and begin the process. Speak with a knowledgeable attorney to determine which form is suitable for your request. The form you submit will be determined by whether or not you and the other party are willing to attend mediation or if the parties involved do not agree on a parenting plan and the mediation process.

Discussion Topics in Child Custody Mediation

You can expect to address specific topics in child custody mediation in Arizona.

Parents and guardians will benefit the most when showing up prepared. What will these topics include?

  • Legal and physical custody
  • Visitation
  • Transition times or pick up and drop off arrangements
  • Holiday, birthday, and school vacation schedules
  • Costs of sharing custody
  • Reliable and agreed-upon communication methods
  • Dispute resolution involving decisions about your child
  • Schedule modifications in the event of an interrupted plan
  • Unique challenges that apply specifically to your family dynamic

What to Bring for Child Custody Mediation

Having these paper documents on the day of mediation will help ensure a smooth process.

  • A proposed parenting plan
  • Any court documents related to possible filed custody petitions and divorce documents if this is also part of the process
  • Contact information for any crucial people that participate in your child’s care, such as a babysitter, tutor, the child’s physician, their school
  • Your calendar, your child’s school calendar, and their extracurricular calendar with important events and dates for consideration

Additional Considerations for Child Custody Mediation

Mediation can be arduous, especially when parents or guardians are not on the best of terms. Having an attorney present is a highly beneficial component when it may seem that emotions may be difficult to control or you feel that your concerns may not be heard and validated. An attorney can speak on your behalf, advocating for your parental wishes.

It is equally important to remember that decisions made are for the benefit of any children involved. When conversations become heated, it is always best to remember that the children will benefit most from understanding and cooperation.

Experienced Scottsdale Child Custody Mediation

Determining your minor child’s future and custody in mediation or court is stressful for any parent. Look to a guiding source in Arizona that will tailor legal representation to fit your needs. A parenting plan that accommodates your life and your child’s needs is the goal of The Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau.

We work to reduce stress and create an environment where solutions can be arrived at peaceably. Finding the best outcome through child custody mediation is our priority.

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