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Posted By Legal Team | January 23 2017 | Divorce & Assets

When an Ex Defaults on Debt After Divorce

As part of the division of property in divorce, the marital debt will also have to be split between the parties. The court will determine how this debt is to be split up when couples cannot come to an agreement on their own, and the final determinations will be detailed in the divorce decree. Just…

Posted By Legal Team | January 16 2017 | Divorce

The Divorce Process: How Arizona Divorce Cases Typically Proceed

Below is a general overview of what to expect from the divorce process in Arizona. While our overview sheds some important light on the typical phases of a divorce case, please don’t hesitate to contact the Scottsdale divorce lawyers at the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau when you are ready for more insight and…

Posted By Legal Team | January 9 2017 | Child Custody

What Are the “Best Interests of a Child” for Arizona Custody Cases?

The “best interests of a child” are the focus of the court when it resolves custody disputes. Among the various factors that are considered as the court determines what is in a child’s (or children’s) best interests include: The relationship that the child has with each parent, as well as any other siblings (if applicable)….

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