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Posted By Legal Team | June 12 2017 | Divorce

The Top 6 Reasons People File for Divorce These Days

Divorce trends in the U.S. have evolved over the past few decades, as we have noted in a previous blog. However, while less people may be filing for divorce these days than, say, about 30 to 40 years ago, some of the top reasons people end up filing for divorce may not have changed that…

Posted By Legal Team | June 5 2017 | Divorce & Assets

Health Insurance During & After Divorce: FAQ

Divorce can change a lot about people’s lives – from their residences and financial obligations to their time with their children and potentially even their quality of life. While it can be easy to focus on these bigger issues, another equally important issue to consider is health insurance coverage during and following divorce. Answers About…

Posted By Legal Team | May 29 2017 | Divorce

How Much Is My Divorce Going to Cost Me?

The costs of divorce vary from case to case, so the short answer to this question is that “it depends.” We will reveal some of the main factors that can impact the costs of divorce in Arizona below. What Can Increase the Costs of an Arizona Divorce In general, the cost of an Arizona divorce…

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