3 Important Facts About Divorce After 50

Divorce can be difficult at any age, but if you are going through a divorce later in life, there may be some specific issues to be aware of. This is because how these issues are dealt with in your divorce can have big impacts on you and your life after divorce. Below, we’ll point out … Read more

Dividing of Property in a Divorce as Done by the Law or a Judge

There are numerous reasons on why a couple decides to get a divorce, but when it comes to the dividing of property, there are really only two methods that are generally used: the community property method and the equitable distribution method. Almost all states use the equitable distribution method to divide property but some states … Read more

3 Things That Can Expedite Your Divorce Case

While divorce can be difficult, the process does not always have to be drawn out and/or adversarial. In fact, there may be some things you can do before and during divorce to facilitate the process, obtain favorable outcomes, and get on with your new life sooner. We’ll point out some of these things below. Your … Read more

4 FAQ of No Fault Divorce Cases Versus Fault Divorce

An official divorce will always end with a couple no longer being together, but legally there are different types of divorce that they may be granted. There is the “no fault” divorce which is allowed in every state in the country and a “fault” divorce which is only allowed in some. The following are some … Read more

4 Divorce Myths Dispelled

Misconceptions about divorce abound. In fact, the more such myths are perpetuated, the more likely they are to spread misinformation that can color people’s perceptions about – and possibly willingness to pursue – divorce. To dispel some of this misinformation, below, we’ll reveal the facts behind some of the most common divorce myths. When you … Read more