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Posted By 1p21.admin | October 2 2017 | Divorce

Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined (Pt. 2)

Resuming Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined (Pt. 1), below, we will continue to define some of the more prominent terms that come into play during divorce cases. More Definitions of Divorce Terms Community property – Also referred to as marital property, community property is all of the income, assets, and property accumulated during the…

Posted By 1p21.admin | September 25 2017 | Divorce

Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined (Pt. 3)

Here is the conclusion to our blog series Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined, with the definitions of some final important divorce terms presented below. Additional Divorce Terms That Are Important to Understand Grounds for divorce – The legally appropriate and sufficient reasons for pursuing a divorce case. Given that Arizona is a no-fault divorce…

Posted By 1p21.admin | September 18 2017 | Divorce & the Marital Home

Who Should Move Out of the Marital Home During Divorce?

It depends on the details of the situation. When it comes to staying in versus vacating the marital home during divorce, some of the major questions to answer will be: Is moving out necessary for at least one party? – Can the divorcing couple live together civilly? Is anyone in danger by remaining in the…

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