What Should I Know Before I File My Divorce Paperwork?

The important information to be aware of before filing divorce papers in Arizona will depend on your circumstances, needs, and goals. While an experienced divorce lawyer – like Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen Schoenau – can provide you with more detailed answers and advice regarding your situation (and what to do prior to filing for divorce), … Read more

Will My Ex Get Half of My Business in Divorce?

The short answer is that it depends. Whether an ex-spouse will be entitled to a portion of your business assets will specifically depend on when you married, when your business started, and some other factors, which we will point out below. Factors That Can Impact an Ex’s Entitlements to Your Business in Divorce Some of … Read more

What Is a Default Hearing in an Arizona Divorce?

When someone files for divorce in Arizona, part of the process involves serving the former partner with divorce papers so that (s)he has an opportunity to respond to the filing. While filing a response to divorce papers can allow people to explain what they would like out of a divorce (and to contest what the … Read more