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Posted By Legal Team | July 14 2023 | Divorce

Dealing with the Emotional Impact of Divorce

Even though many marriages end in divorce, it is shocking and disorienting when it happens to us. Divorce is a life-changing event whether we want it to happen or not. Slowing down to get in touch with our emotions, even when they feel messy and raw, helps us find a new sense of normal. Finding…

Posted By Legal Team | June 27 2023 | Firm News

Legal Requirements to Adopt a Child in Arizona

You and your partner are excited to begin or expand your family and have decided adoption is the best avenue for you to achieve your dream. Knowing where to start and understanding the legal requirements might seem overwhelming, but there is a process everyone must follow. The first step is to choose an Arizona family…

Posted By Legal Team | June 10 2023 | Child Custody

What to Expect in an Arizona Child Custody Hearing

The decisions made in a child custody hearing have far-reaching consequences. Your child will be dividing their time between parents, so an environment of stability and continuity must exist. Working with an Arizona family law attorney can help you effectively maneuver the complex family court system to ensure the best outcome for your child. If your child…

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