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Options to Help Enforce Child Support Payments in Arizona

Posted By Legal Team | April 20 2018 | Child Support

Fighting over child custody
Divorces can be ugly. Mix a child into the fray and there is no telling just how ugly it can get, especially when it comes to child support.
For whatever reason, there are many situations where one parent chooses to skip out on agreed upon child support payment. The good news for those living in Arizona though is the fact there are a handful of option available to help parents enforce the terms of the support agreement.

The Child Support Enforcement Program

For starters, in Arizona, The Child Support Enforcement Program exists to help strengthen families by making sure financial support for children from their noncustodial parent are secured. It was established in 1975 as part of the Social Security Act. In addition to fostering parent responsibility and reducing welfare costs, the program can also be beneficial because it might make parents be more active in other areas of their child’s life outside of finances.
Arizona courts also make an effort to help you enforce divorce decrees to make sure parents are supporting their children and to reduce the cost on the taxpayer. If a parent becomes delinquent on child support for more than $5,000, an arrest warrant will be issued. A photo can also be place on Arizona’s Department of Economic Security website’s “Wanted” list.
Utilizing the aforementioned route is considered aggressive by some, but it is not the only option. In the event the delinquent parent is able to pay but has failed to do so, local authorities can enforce payments through asset seizure, wage garnishment, and/or by placing a lien against their property.
One last option to make sure you get the child support agreed upon is by simply reducing the amount of child support owed. Maybe the non-custodial parent has a different financial situation and can no longer pay the original amount. They might be eligible to have that amount reduced.
Sometimes, these enforcement options are not good enough to get the child support you are owed. If that is the case, or if you want to know what option might work best for you, then contacting an experienced lawyer is in your best interest.

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