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Modifying Child Support Orders in Arizona

Posted By Legal Team | July 27 2023 | Child Support

Arizona courts recognize that the lives of families change over time, and these transitional points will affect a child. The courts allow for existing child support orders to be modified or adjusted when a significant and continuing change of circumstances is present. This particular description is used to prevent unnecessary modification of orders.

These significant factors can include:

  • Significant adjustments in income, such as a job loss
  • A shift in time spent with a parent
  • A new relationship provides more funds in a household
  • Childcare options are altered
  • A parent relocates to another state, and their parenting time is modified
  • The needs of a child change due to medical, educational, or extracurricular circumstances
  • Children are added to the family as a result of a parental relationship

You will begin the process by submitting a review for modification. A court can analyze the information and determine that a decrease, increase, or no change in the child support order will take place and cannot be modified retroactively.

Determining Qualifications for Modifying Child Support

In Scottsdale, you can submit a request for review, along with documents supporting the need for adjustments, but a Scottdale child support attorney can assist with determining the proper filing procedures and doing so directly with the courts.

Modification Procedures

Two types of modification procedures exist, standard procedure and simplified procedure. These modifications will include the support obligation amount and the date revisions will begin.

Simplified Modification Procedure for Child Support

The simplified modification procedure is available when a support change of 15% or more exists. This amount usually quantifies a substantial and continuing change. This modified procedure provides simpler forms and more expeditious progress through the courts. With the other parent’s request, a hearing can be scheduled.

This modification is beneficial for situations such as job changes that bring revisions in the types of coverage provided for the child under a new insurance policy.

Standard Modification Procedure for Child Support

The standard modification procedure does not offer automatic proof of the 15% change in support, so this modification will proceed by filing a regular petition. These modifications will usually be accompanied by a meeting to review the changes for modification and will be considered under the Arizona child support modification guidelines and completed within six months. Working with a knowledgeable Arizona family law attorney can make the process more manageable by ensuring that the proper documentation has been submitted on time.

Modifying Due to Cessation of Support

Modifying a child support order is still necessary when the age of majority is reached or the child is no longer covered as a child as determined by the original order. There may be more than one child qualifying under the order, so a petition must be submitted to reduce the total amount of the order.

The same process as previously mentioned must be followed to modify the support amount. This reduction modification is not automatic. The court must order it.

Meeting the Requirements in Arizona Child Support Modification

Let a supportive Scottsdale child support attorney ensure that you follow Arizona’s guidelines for a child support modification. Your child’s best interest is the goal of Scottsdale family law attorney Karen A. Schoenau. Understanding that these proceedings can often be highly emotional, the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau is your steadfast spokesperson guiding you through the process with compassion and unwavering support.


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