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Is Divorce More Difficult for Men or Women?

Posted By Legal Team | February 27 2017 | Divorce

Divorce can be a challenge for anyone. Over recent years, however, some researchers have focused on answering the above question, based on analyzing the financial, physical, and emotional impacts that divorce can have on men versus women.
And here are some of the more notable findings.

Some Say Men…

According to a study published by the Huffington Post, divorce is more difficult for men because it can:

  • Challenge their sense of identity, particularly when men have based a major part of their identity on being a husband and/or breadwinner for their family
  • Cause them to bottle up grief, and this can result in depression – In fact, according to this study, men are far more likely than women to engage in risky and destructive behaviors following divorce, especially if they are not sure how to deal with the grief resulting from the end of their marriage.
  • Impact their relationship with their children, which can, in turn, challenge their paternal instincts and complicate their ability to maintain a healthy connection with their children.

Others Say Women…

Challenging the above conclusions, a study published in Women’s Health Magazine uncovered some other findings, suggesting that divorce may be more difficult for women. In fact, according to this study, divorce can be more difficult for women because it can:

  • Cause them to experience significant financial hardship, as women tend to be less likely to financially plan for the impacts of divorce – In fact, researchers have reported that the average woman will experience a 45 percent drop in her quality of life following divorce.
  • Have lingering mental effects, which can result in physical illness even up to 10 years following the divorce
  • Increase their risk of a heart attack, with this risk increasing as women go through more divorces – In fact, while a woman who has been through one divorce will generally have a 24 percent elevated risk of a heart attack (when compared to non-divorced women), this risk can more than triple when women have been through two, three or more divorces.

The Bottom Line

Although the jury is clearly out on whether divorce is more difficult for men or women, the real takeaway here may be that divorce can be very hard for everyone – not just when the process is happening but also possibly in the years following the case.
By retaining an experienced divorce lawyer, however, both men and women can reduce the challenges they face in divorce, helping them get through the process as favorably and efficiently as possible.

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