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Information About ARS 25-403.02: Parenting Plans

Posted By Legal Team | April 30 2023 | Firm News

In Arizona, ARS 25-403.02 requires parents who are separating or divorcing to make provisions for a parenting plan to take care of their child or children. Ensuring the children are well taken care of following a divorce or separation is the goal of this law.

Adequate Parenting Time

Children thrive when they are able to spend time with both parents. Each parent should be given a chance to impart their love, care, and wisdom to their child. ARS 25-403.02 ensures this happens. Parenting plans make arrangements for both parents to have this time with their child or children.

Parenting plans include the following:

  • A schedule outlining when each parent will be able to spend time with their child.
  • Detailed instructions for holidays and vacations should be outlined.
  • An agreement outlines how schedule changes should be handled in case they are necessary.

Responsibility for Decision Making

Often, divorced or separated parents struggle to agree on decisions that must be made on their children’s behalf. A parenting plan establishes guidelines for how important decisions are made. These decisions may include healthcare, education, religion, extracurricular activities, and other important decisions that may come up throughout their offspring’s childhood.

The parenting plan should clearly outline the following:

  • An approach to resolving disputes when parents fail to agree
  • Decision-making policies
  • Ways to encourage a good working relationship between parents

By putting a strong parenting plan in place, many problems can be avoided. It is in the child’s best interest for their parents to communicate well and to work together to put their needs first.

Communication is Essential

Parenting plans outline how parental communication should take place. It includes things like the following:

  • The method by which the parents will communicate the needs of their child
  • Guidelines for resolving disagreements
  • An agreement to share information about the child’s extracurricular activities and their educational progress is key. This includes school programs, report cards, discipline and behavioral issues, homework, clubs, and activities.

More Issues a Parenting Plan Should Cover

Parenting plans may also outline how extracurricular activities, the introduction or the protection from religion should be handled, and any special needs issue the child might have. A comprehensive plan allows the child to have a consistent framework in place for having their needs addressed by two active and involved parents who can work together for the child’s benefit.

An Attorney Can Help You Create a Solid Parenting Plan

As a parent, your main concern is for your child. By creating a parenting plan, you are giving your child a blueprint for solving problems they may have, for keeping both parents involved in their life, and for making decisions throughout their childhood.

Working with an experienced family law attorney with the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau can help you to create a plan that is consistent with your values and the care you want to surround your child with. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the legal system so that you can create an equitable, appropriate parenting plan that serves you and your child well.

The purpose of ARS 25-403.02 is to create an environment of support, consistency, and comprehensive care for your child. They deserve support, love, and guidance from both parents, and a parenting plan makes every provision for this to be available to them.

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