How Much Is My Divorce Going to Cost Me?

The costs of divorce vary from case to case, so the short answer to this question is that “it depends.” We will reveal some of the main factors that can impact the costs of divorce in Arizona below.

What Can Increase the Costs of an Arizona Divorce

In general, the cost of an Arizona divorce tend to increase if or when:

  • There are more issues at dispute in the case – If there are more matters that divorcing couples are fighting about, then there is going to be more for the court to have to hear about and rule on. And, the longer the divorce case takes to get through the court process, the more likely it is that the associated costs of divorce will increase.
  • There is substantial marital property associated with the case – Marital property can include both assets and debts/liabilities. When there is more property to divide up between couples, the division of property process in divorce can become complicated and lengthy, also likely increasing the costs of divorce (especially if or when a lot property has to be inventoried/appraised, etc.).
  • Allegations of concealing assets arise – When one party is accused of hiding assets in divorce, again, the costs of resolving the case will generally increase. This is because there will usually be a need for an investigation (and possibly further actions), which will usually make divorce more expensive.
  • Either party is intent on using the courts for revenge – When bitterness or revenge is a motivator in divorce, either party can refuse to compromise, can make an effort to draw out the divorce, etc. And, again, with a longer, more difficult divorce case usually also comes higher costs.

How to Minimize Your Divorce Costs

  • Be open to compromise and know what issues you may be willing to give in on – If compromise is possible and you may be able to find some common ground with an ex, knowing what issues you may be willing to give in on a little can help you move towards solutions, rather than further complications. This can make compromise one of the keys to a cost-effective divorce.
  • Hire a lawyer ASAP – Although retaining an attorney does come with some costs, these costs are minimal considering that an experienced lawyer can help you reduce your overall divorce costs by (for instance) helping you:
    • Efficiently navigate the complexities of the divorce process.
    • Protect your interests and avoid making potentially expensive divorce mistakes as you proceed.

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