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How to Draft a Parental Agreement in Arizona

Posted By Legal Team | August 12 2018 | Child Support

Divorce is extremely disruptive in the lives of everyone who is affected, including the children. It’s in the child’s best interest that former spouses continue to cooperate as much as possible to come to agreements about issues surrounding parenting duties. It’s understandable to be experiencing stress, emotional pain and confusion, but it does more harm to the children when former spouses can’t come to reasonable agreements.

Parental Agreements After Divorce in Arizona

Drafting out written terms about parental obligations and issues will help prevent future conflicts. Agreements should be made about primary custody and living situations, visitation, medical care, education, financial concerns and holidays. These decisions need to be written down to ensure that both parties agree about the various issues. It’s beneficial for everyone involved to include this parental agreement in your court proceedings and have them approved by a judge. Once a judge signs the parental agreement, it becomes an enforceable contract. If violated in the future, parties can seek resolution through the court system.

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Experienced and proven family attorney Karen A. Schoenau has been assisting clients with issues surrounding divorce and parental custody for over twenty-five years. Her dedicated services can help you and your former partner discuss challenging issues, draft up these critical parental agreements and ensure that your rights are protected throughout each step. If you and your partner are experiencing difficulty coming to an agreement, then we can help you argue your case for additional parental rights or visitation in court. Reach out to our firm through our online contact page.
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