Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

Yes, if you are serious about protecting your rights and interests in your divorce case, retaining an experienced divorce lawyer is crucial.

To highlight just how an attorney can help you in the divorce process, below, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce lawyers and divorce representation.

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FAQs About Divorce Lawyers

Q – What Does a Divorce Attorney Do?

A – In general, a divorce lawyer will guide you through the process of divorce, preparing all court documents and representing you in any legal proceeding related to you case.

Some of the more specific things divorce attorneys can do (depending, of course, on your circumstances and needs) include (and are by no means limited to):

Q – Can My Spouse and I Use the Same Divorce Lawyer?

A – It depends on whether your divorce is contested or not, as well as whether you and your spouse are planning to resolve your divorce via mediation.

More specifically:

  • If your divorce is uncontested or you need an attorney-mediator to help you resolve your case, then, yes, it may be possible for you and your spouse to rely on the same attorney (to, for example, review the paperwork or mediate the proceedings).
  • If, however, your divorce is contested (meaning that at least one issue is being disputed), then, no, it’s not a good idea for you and your spouse to use the same lawyer (as that will present a conflict of interest).

Here, it’s also important to note that uncontested divorce cases commonly turn into contested divorce cases when getting into the details about finances and/or custody. Consequently, it’s generally in people’s best interests to retain their own lawyer regardless of whether they planning an uncontested divorce or a mediated divorce.

Q – Can I Use a Divorce Lawyer for Some Parts of My Divorce (and Not Others)?

A – Yes, many attorneys offer what’s known as “unbundled services,” allowing people to pick and choose what aspects of their divorce they need assistance with (and only pay for the legal services related to those needs).

For instance, unbundled services can be helpful when people going through an uncontested divorce just want a lawyer to write up and/or review a divorce settlement agreement.

Q – How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost?

A – This question is a little more challenging to answer because the costs of a divorce lawyer will vary according to various factors, such as (but not exclusive to):

  • The number of issues being disputed in the divorce case.
  • The duration of the divorce case.
  • Whether a lawyer offers unbundled services.
  • Whether a lawyer charges by the hour or offers flat-fee representation.

When it comes to attorney fees and divorce costs, it’s also important to understand that:

  • Whether you and your spouse are able to work together and/or compromise on the issues at dispute in your divorce can impact how long your divorce case takes to resolve – and, consequently, how much you can expect to pay in legal fees (and overall divorce costs). In fact, couples who are able to compromise tend to spend less on attorney fees and overall divorce expenses.
  • Investing in quality legal representation at the beginning of your divorce can save you in overall divorce costs, as a skilled lawyer can help you avoid expensive mistakes while advancing your interests and helping you secure the best possible outcomes.

You can get more specific answers about what to expect regarding legal fees for a case during an initial consult with a divorce lawyer.

Q – How Do I Find a Reputable Divorce Attorney?

A – There are many ways to find a quality lawyer to represent you in divorce, including (but not limited to) by:

  • Asking friends, family members and/or colleagues for referrals.
  • Checking with the state bar association for reputable lawyers – This can not only reveal how much experience an attorney has but also whether a legal professional has had any official censures or complaints filed against him or her.
  • Looking online and screening attorney websites – This can provide you with deeper insight regarding a lawyer’s practice and background. It can also shed light on whether a lawyer has specific experience with issues related to your situation or case, such as high-net worth divorces, divorces involving domestic violence, military divorce cases, and hidden assets in divorce (just to name a few of the more “special” circumstances that can arise in divorce).

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