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Division of Property After Divorce in Arizona

Posted By Legal Team | September 27 2018 | Divorce

Arizona property division after divorce
When couples decide to divorce, they must make crucial decisions about splitting up assets, debts, property and rights that were previously shared between the two parties. The division of property is usually complicated by the fact that the two parties will both need to re-establish a new place of residency. Something as simple as the living room couch can become a source of contention between otherwise agreeable former partners.

Arizona Law Regarding Property Rights

Arizona is a community property state, so in general all assets, money or debts incurred during the marriage will be considered joint property. These items are equally owned by husband and wife and are typically equitably divided between the two parties upon divorce. Married couples can still individually own property such as inheritances, but most assets will be considered under the community property rule. Couples are not forced to entirely divide up all their combined property when they split up, but both parties must be in agreement when a different arrangement is sought after. Even the equitable division of property can become an argument when both parties want to maintain physical ownership of a specific piece of property for sentimental or other reasons.

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Division of marital property is only one part of the divorce process. Former couples will have to simultaneously make decisions about child care, spousal support and marital debts. Divorce attorney Karen A. Schoenau understands how emotionally trying these issues are on her clients, so she strives to protect your interests while negotiations continue. To enlist the help of attorney Schoenau, request a phone call through this online form.
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