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The Cost of Changing Your Name After a Divorce

Posted By Legal Team | March 20 2018 | Divorce

Changing your name after a divorce
It may not be the first thing on your mind when you are going through a divorce but at some point you will be faced with the decision of changing back to your original last name. With all of the other stressful aspects and complicated circumstances you may have to go through it is very possible that this change will not even occur to you right away, but eventually you may realize how important it is to you to have your name back. That then leaves the question, what is the cost of having to change your name after a divorce?

Driver’s License and Passport

The first and most important documents you will want to change are the ones that you need and/or use the most, those being your driver’s license and your passport. The prices may vary by state but overall a new driver’s license should be between $10-$15 and a new passport may cost a little over $100. The good thing to know is that these changes should not take too long to make and they are ones that you can get fixed within the day without hopefully too much trouble. Unfortunately, not all of the changes you need to make will go as quickly or as smoothly.

Your Bank Accounts

Luckily getting a new debit card with your new name should not be too difficult, nor should getting checks with your new name be too hard as well. However, the process starts to get more complicated the most involved with the bank you happen to be. For example, if you have a trust with the bank and you wish to change your name you will most likely have to resign all your original documentation again including updating your beneficiaries and adding a new power of attorney, this time with your new name. This may seem overly complicated but it is something you will want to get done as soon as possible unless you want your ex-spouse to get your money in the event that something happens to you.

Titled Assets

Any property that you own that is titled to you in your old name requires you to complete the forms over again this time with your new name. This also has to be done with the title of any vehicle you own with the DMV, and while both these processes may end up being somewhat costly it is important to make the change so that there are no issues in trying to sell them in case something happens to you.

Consult a Qualified Attorney to Guide You Through This Process

Divorce can be an unfortunate situation, and that is why you need a knowledgeable attorney like  Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen Schoenau to make the stressful process as easy as possible for you. Call us at (480) 209-1918 or by emailing us using the contact from on this page to schedule your initial case evaluation today.
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