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Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined (Pt. 3)

Posted By Legal Team | September 25 2017 | Divorce

Here is the conclusion to our blog series Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined, with the definitions of some final important divorce terms presented below.

Additional Divorce Terms That Are Important to Understand

  • Grounds for divorce – The legally appropriate and sufficient reasons for pursuing a divorce case. Given that Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, the only grounds for divorce in this state is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably (meaning that there is no hope of reconciliation between the partners).
  • Joint legal custody When both divorcing parents share equal time and legal decision making responsibilities for a child. While the distribution of parenting time and decision making responsibilities for a child does not have to be split exactly equally with joint custody, it’s also important to point out that obtaining joint custody will not necessary release either parent of the obligation of paying child support to the other parent.
  • Marital settlement agreement A written agreement that divorcing spouses develop together to detail how the specific issues of their divorce are to be resolved. When divorcing people are able to devise MSAs outside of court, they can substantially cut down on the costs and duration of their divorce case (and possibly obtain outcomes that are more satisfactory than would be possible otherwise).
  • Parenting time The time that either parent has with his or her child after divorce. While parenting time plans can be developed by divorcing parents, it will be left up to the courts to work out or finalize these plans when parents disagree on their terms.
  • Petitioner – The person who first files divorce documents with the court. The other partner, who will then have the opportunity to respond to the divorce filing, is generally referred to as the “respondent.”
  • UCCJEA – The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which is the law that comes into play when custody cases involve parents in different states.
  • Uncontested divorce Divorce cases in which neither party raises a dispute regarding the issues of the divorce. Uncontested divorce cases are generally far cheaper and faster to resolve than contested divorce cases.

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