Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined (Pt. 2)

Resuming Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined (Pt. 1), below, we will continue to define some of the more prominent terms that come into play during divorce cases.

More Definitions of Divorce Terms

  • Community property Also referred to as marital property, community property is all of the income, assets, and property accumulated during the marriage (with some notable exceptions, however). While community property can include marital debt, as well as marital assets, figuring out what is community property versus separate (or individual) property in divorce can be critical.
  • Contempt of court – An intentional failure to comply with court orders, such as those pertaining to making child or spousal support payments, producing certain evidence to the court, etc. While being in contempt of court can result in fines and/or jail time, it can also impact someone’s standing and leverage in a divorce case.
  • Custodial parent The parent who has primary custody of a child. This can include having both primary parenting time and primary legal decision making responsibilities for a child.
  • Decree – Also known as a divorce decree, this is the final ruling or decision in a divorce case. In the event that divorcing partners can agree of all of the issues of their divorce, they can submit their agreement to a family court judge for review and approval; generally, judges will issue final divorce decrees based on these submitted agreements. If people are disputing the issues of their divorce, however, it will be up to the court to work out and issue the divorce decree.
  • Default divorce – A type of uncontested divorce case in which one spouse never responds to the divorce petition filed by a partner. In these cases, after the specified waiting period has passed, the court will generally issue the final divorce decree, granting the petitioner all of the terms of the divorce that (s)he has requested.
  • Dissolution of marriage – Another phrase used to refer to the divorce legal process.
  • Equitable distribution – The notion of fairly dividing marital property (and debt) between divorcing partners.

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