Common & Important Divorce Terms Defined (Pt. 1)

When you have made the decision to file for a divorce, the upcoming process – as well as the legal terms associated with it – can be unclear if you’ve never gone through divorce before.

In this three-part blog series, we will define some of the most common and important divorce terms that you will likely hear as you prepare for the process. If, however, you are ready to get some specific professional advice regarding your situation and divorce case, don’t hesitate to contact experienced Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen Schoenau. She has the experience, knowledge, skills and resources necessary to help you resolve your divorce case as favorably as possible.

Definitions of Common Divorce Terms

Here are some common divorce terms and their definitions (in alphabetical order):

  • Adversarial divorce Also referred to as contested divorce, this refers to cases in which the divorcing parties are unable to agree on some (or all) of the major issues in their divorce case. With adversarial divorce, the case typically has to be resolved in court, with a family court judge making the final decisions in the divorce case.
  • Affidavit A written, factual statement that is provided under oath and that has been notarized (or otherwise officially authorized). Affidavits can come into play in various ways in a divorce case, particularly when issues regarding the division of marital property or custody arise.
  • Alimony Also referred to as spousal support or spousal maintenance, alimony refers to the payments that one spouse renders to another during and/or after a legal separation or divorce. While divorcing parties may be able to agree on alimony payments, when they can’t, it will be up to the court to rule on the matter.
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) A process of resolving legal disputes (including divorce and other family law disputes) in a manner that is less adversarial than trial or courtroom proceedings. Arbitration and mediation are the primary forms of ADR, and they can facilitate the divorce process significantly when divorcing partners are able to work together or communicate as they dissolve their marriage.

For some more definitions to important divorce terms, be sure to check out the upcoming second and third installments of this blog series.

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