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Posted By DAM Firm | February 28 2023 | Firm News

What Are The Overnight Visitation Requirements in Arizona? 

If you and the co-parent of your child do not reside together, you may be wondering about overnight visitation requirements here in Arizona. It is crucial that you develop a fair plan that allows both parents time with their child. Determining a schedule for overnight stays and all visitation issues is best precisely planned in…

Posted By DAM Firm | December 10 2022 | Firm News

What is Wage Garnishment?

A creditor who has not been paid may seek a money judgment against their debtor. Once it is awarded, the creditor can ask that the court garnish that person’s wages. Going forward, a percentage of their paycheck is given to the creditor until the debt is paid. The person’s employer is required to comply. Wage…

Posted By DAM Firm | December 5 2022 | Firm News

Can A Court Make You Maintain Life Insurance For Your Ex-Spouse?

Life insurance is purchased for many different reasons. These might be used to bury a loved one, or a policy may be in place as a sort of financial inheritance for a loved one. Sometimes, they could be used to pay off debts held by the policyholder. Often life insurance policies benefit a spouse. This…

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