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Posted By DAM Firm | January 10 2023 | Divorce & Taxes

How Can Wage Garnishment Be Stopped in Arizona?

Wage garnishment happens when someone who is owed money is permitted to collect that debt from a third party who holds assets that belong to the debtor. This means the money bypasses the debtor and goes directly to the creditor. In Arizona, wage garnishment can make it difficult for the debtor to make ends meet….

Posted By DAM Firm | August 31 2022 | Divorce & Taxes

Tax Exemptions for Children: Which Parent Gets to Claim Them?

Tax exemptions can be helpful, but they can become complicated for parents that are divorced or separated. Yes, parents do generally get to claim their children those dependents on their tax filings but, who gets to file if the parents are no longer together? Here, we want to discuss what you need to know about…

Posted By DAM Firm | October 16 2017 | Divorce & Taxes

Tax Issues & Arizona Divorce: FAQ

Divorce can be emotionally and financially taxing. In fact, when it comes to the financial impacts of divorce, understanding the various tax implications can be integral to protecting your interests and working toward favorable outcomes. To clarify some of the tax issues that can arise in Arizona divorce cases, below, we have answered some of…

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