How to Manage Your Marital Property

Although you never want to go into a marriage planning for divorce, being smart about how you manage your marital property – including your marital assets and debt – versus your separate property is crucial. That’s because, if you and your partner grow apart and the marriage does end up coming to an end, you … Read more

When an Ex Defaults on Debt After Divorce

As part of the division of property in divorce, the marital debt will also have to be split between the parties. The court will determine how this debt is to be split up when couples cannot come to an agreement on their own, and the final determinations will be detailed in the divorce decree. Just … Read more

Where to Look for Hidden Assets in Divorce

Divorce can put people under a lot of stress, and feelings of resentment and anger can lead some to feel that they “deserve” certain things from their marriage or divorce. This, in turn, can tempt people to want to hide certain assets in divorce, preventing the other spouse from knowing about them or trying to … Read more

Will My Ex Get Half of My Business in Divorce?

The short answer is that it depends. Whether an ex-spouse will be entitled to a portion of your business assets will specifically depend on when you married, when your business started, and some other factors, which we will point out below. Factors That Can Impact an Ex’s Entitlements to Your Business in Divorce Some of … Read more