6 Facts to Know About Hidden Assets in Divorce (Pt. 3)

Here is the conclusion to our blog series 6 Facts to Know About Hidden Assets in Divorce. Hidden Assets in Divorce: More Important Info Fact 5 – The Consequences of Hiding Assets in Divorce Can Be Costly and Damaging. And, these consequences will vary from case to case, depending on the nature of assets concealed, … Read more

Can I Prevent My Ex from Ruining My Credit in Divorce?

You may be able to, depending on the nature of your marital debt, your ex, and the steps you take before or during the divorce. Protecting Your Credit Through Divorce Some of the things that can be done to mitigate the credit impacts of divorce – including an ex’s attempts to damage your credit following … Read more

Health Insurance During & After Divorce: FAQ

Divorce can change a lot about people’s lives – from their residences and financial obligations to their time with their children and potentially even their quality of life. While it can be easy to focus on these bigger issues, another equally important issue to consider is health insurance coverage during and following divorce. Answers About … Read more

How Can I Prove My Ex Is Hiding Assets in Divorce?

Hiding assets during a divorce case is illegal. Despite this – and the fact that there can be serious repercussions for concealing assets in divorce – some people still try to do it (out of bitterness, bravado, etc.). When this may be a factor complicating your divorce case, there can be a number of ways … Read more