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How Social Media Impacts Divorce Cases

It has become increasingly common to share the events of our lives on social media. It occurs so naturally that the ramifications of putting private information out for public consumption can often go unrecognized until the damage occurs. If you are contemplating a divorce, in the process of legal dissolution of marriage, or suspect that…

Posted By DAM Firm | November 29 2018 | Divorce & Assets

Retirement Accounts and Divorce

Inherited individual retirement accounts (IRAs) often accrue interest during a marriage, but the question of whether the financial asset should be considered marital property or shared property during a divorce is up for debate. Retirement Accounts and Divorce in Arizona There are no definitive guidelines, set precedents, or rules that regulate a court’s decision on…

Posted By DAM Firm | October 25 2018 | Divorce & Assets

Inherited IRAs and Divorce in Arizona

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) have been around for more than 40 years now, and they serve as a retirement savings option for many investors. With so many utilizing IRAs for so many years, the next generation of IRA investors is up and coming. Those investors are ones who have inherited or will inherit an IRA…

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