Retirement Accounts and Divorce

Inherited individual retirement accounts (IRAs) often accrue interest during a marriage, but the question of whether the financial asset should be considered marital property or shared property during a divorce is up for debate. Retirement Accounts and Divorce in Arizona There are no definitive guidelines, set precedents, or rules that regulate a court’s decision on … Read more

Inherited IRAs and Divorce in Arizona

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) have been around for more than 40 years now, and they serve as a retirement savings option for many investors. With so many utilizing IRAs for so many years, the next generation of IRA investors is up and coming. Those investors are ones who have inherited or will inherit an IRA … Read more

Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements

  Prenuptial agreements are simply written contracts between two parties that delineate each individual’s property, assets or debts before the two enter into a binding marriage. This important legal document will prevent the state from making a determination about certain property in the event the marriage is dissolved at a later date. Because Arizona is … Read more

6 Facts to Know About Hidden Assets in Divorce (Pt. 1)

While divorce can be as contentious as it may be stressful, the process can become far more complicated when either partner tries to conceal assets in the divorce. To shed some more light on this issue, we’ll point out and discuss some important facts to know about hidden assets in divorce below, as well as … Read more

6 Facts to Know About Hidden Assets in Divorce (Pt. 2)

Picking up from where 6 Facts to Know about Hidden Assets in Divorce (Pt. 1) left off, here we will continue presenting some important facts to know about the concealment of marital property during a divorce. More Facts About Hidden Assets in Divorce Fact 3 – Hiding and/or Lying About Money Between Spouses Is More … Read more