How to Draft a Parental Agreement in Arizona

Divorce is extremely disruptive in the lives of everyone who is affected, including the children. It’s in the child’s best interest that former spouses continue to cooperate as much as possible to come to agreements about issues surrounding parenting duties. It’s understandable to be experiencing stress, emotional pain and confusion, but it does more harm … Read more

Child Support Payments When Paternity Test Results are Negative

Splitting up with a long-term partner is emotionally challenging especially when the couple has children together. Often, one partner will gain primary custody of the child while the other partner shares joint custody and maintains child support payments. Sadly, some father figures later discover that their children are not biologically related to them. When this … Read more

Options to Help Enforce Child Support Payments in Arizona

Divorces can be ugly. Mix a child into the fray and there is no telling just how ugly it can get, especially when it comes to child support. For whatever reason, there are many situations where one parent chooses to skip out on agreed upon child support payment. The good news for those living in … Read more

What Can I Do When My Ex Stops Paying Child Support?

There may be various enforcement actions available to you when an ex defaults on court-ordered child support payments, and these options can include: Court enforcement actions, such as: Jail time, which can result from findings that the parent who has defaulted is in contempt of court – The court has the discretion to determine how … Read more