Sharing Child Custody During Holidays after Divorce in AZ

  When long-term partners decide to divorce, splitting up property rights and financial responsibilities is complicated. When children are involved, sharing parental duties and visitation is an added challenge former couples must face. It’s natural to want to have full custody and rights over your children, but it’s crucial to understand that in most cases … Read more

Domestic Violence’s Impact on Child Custody in Arizona

Domestic violence is a serious infraction and has the potential to harm victims physically, mentally, emotionally and economically. In the state of Arizona, perpetrators of domestic violence can end up negatively impacting their child custody privileges. Acts That Qualify as Domestic Violence Furthermore, under Arizona law, there are many acts that qualify as domestic violence … Read more

Common Holiday Custody Issues & How to Avoid Them

The holidays can be a time for families to come together. It can also be a time that brings strife to some, especially when custody or visitation disputes are triggered. If you and your ex don’t share an open line of communication – and a custody or visitation issue could arise this holiday season, here … Read more

Do Moms Have Priority in Arizona Custody Disputes?

Mothers do not necessarily have preference over fathers in court when it’s time for the court to resolve disputes regarding parenting time with – and legal decision-making responsibility for – children. In fact, when parents cannot resolve custody issues, the Arizona family court will enter the picture to help resolve the dispute. And the court … Read more