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Appealing a Divorce Decree in Arizona: FAQs (Pt. 3)

Posted By Legal Team | December 11 2017 | Divorce

Wrapping up our blog series entitled Appealing a Divorce Decree in Arizona: FAQs, below are some more responses to commonly asked questions about these types of divorce appeal cases.

Appealing a Divorce Decree in Arizona: Additional Important Info

Q – How Long Does the Appeals Process Take?

A – This is another question that we can’t readily answer without understanding the specifics of a given case. That being stated, however, we can inform you that:

  • Appeals processes can be very drawn out, as it can take weeks or longer before your case is reviewed by an appellate court (depending on its caseload).
  • Successful appeals can take far longer than unsuccessful ones.

Considering whether you want to continue to prolong your divorce is important when considering appeals (and their duration), as appeals can end up extending divorce cases for months or possibly even years.

Q – What’s the Difference Between Modifications to Divorce Decrees and Appealing a Divorce Decree in Arizona?

A – Modifications and appeals can both end up changing a divorce decree, but they involve different processes, have different requirements and can end up having far different outcomes. In general:

  • Appeals are intended to overturn divorce decrees that were based on fraud, deception, misapplication of the law or other legal issues. Appeals have to be filed within 30 days of a final divorce decree, and they can result in a whole new divorce trial (in some cases).
  • Modifications are intended to alter part of divorce decrees when the situation or circumstances of one or both divorced parties changes in the future. Modifications can be pursued years after a final divorce decree, and they can be obtained without extensive or prolonged additional proceedings (in some cases).

Q – Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me with an Appeal?

A – You do if you are serious about winning your appeal. The bottom line is that:

  • Appealing a divorce decree in Arizona can be complicated and difficult.
  • Having an experienced lawyer on your side to put together your appeal, file it and represent you afterwards can be crucial to the success of your case – as well as your life after divorce.

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