7 Signs Your Partner May Be Planning a Divorce (Pt. 3)

Ending our series 7 Signs Your Partner May Be Planning a Divorce, below, a few more indications that a spouse may be preparing to file for divorce will be discussed.

More Warning Signs a Divorce Could Be Around the Corner

Additional red flags that your spouse may be planning to divorce you can be that (s)he:

5 – Is Juggling Major Assets and/or Making a Suspicious Number of Loans/Gifts

Has your partner recently transferred some major assets – like real estate, vehicles, etc. – out of his or her name and into someone else’s name? Or has your spouse recently been making some substantial loans or gifts to friends and/or relatives?

If so – and if you are getting unreasonable or fishy answers about why this has happened, this could be another sign that your partner is planning a divorce. Just like reductions in income, transferring or gifting assets to others can be a sneaky way to try to:

  • Prevent these assets from being included in the marital estate.
  • Not have these assets be split up in the divorce.

6 – Is Running Up/Maxing Out Joint Lines of Credit

Have the charges on your joint credit cards suddenly skyrocketed? Or are your joint lines of credit all maxed out?

If so – and if this seems to have happened overnight without your doing, you may be facing another big red flag that your spouse is planning a divorce. By running up charges on joint credit lines, people who are getting ready to file for divorce can:

  • Stockpile funds to retain a divorce attorney.
  • Try to prevent you from having the financial support you may need to retain a lawyer and/or support yourself during divorce later.

7 – Has Stopped Informing You of His or Her Financial Situation

Are you suddenly on the outside of your marital financial situation? Has your partner stopped informing you about the finances or intentionally misled you about them?

Such tactics often come into play when people are preparing for divorce, as these people may be trying to:

  • Start financially separating from you.
  • Obscure your understanding of your marital property and/or their “separate” property.
  • Hide assets in divorce.
  • Position themselves to get the better resolution in their upcoming divorce cases.

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