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7 Signs Your Partner May Be Planning a Divorce (Pt. 2)

Posted By Legal Team | January 15 2018 | Divorce

Continuing from 7 Signs Your Partner May Be Planning a Divorce (Pt. 1), here, we will point out some more red flags that your spouse may be plotting a divorce.

More Indications a Divorce Could Be Around the Corner

Your spouse may be planning a divorce if (s)he…

3 – Has Set Up New Bank Accounts

When one party sets up new bank accounts in his own name – and when this is done behind the other party’s back, this can be another warning sign that the first party is planning on filing for divorce.
By setting up additional secret bank accounts, people planning for divorce can:

  • Start saving their own money – Some divorce planning experts recommend saving about six months of living expenses to help you get through divorce.
  • Start diverting their income from the household/marital income – In some cases, people may go so far as to set up bank accounts in alternate names or in their children’s names to try to further elude their partners as they save and plan for divorce.

4 – Has Experienced a Suspicious Drop in Income and/or Demotion at Work

Did your partner recently get an unexpected demotion or pay cut at work? Was his or her explanation of this kind of fishy or nonsensical?
If so, you may be looking at another red flag that your partner is planning a divorce. This is typically because such income drops can be strategically used to try to minimize people’s support payment obligations later in divorce (as their income leading up to the divorce will be an important factor in determining whether they will be ordered to pay spousal maintenance during/following the divorce and, if so, how much).
Some specific ways these income drops can be experienced can be as:

  • Payment structure changes, as in going from an hourly/salaried income to a “commission-based” income.
  • Commission and/or bonus withholdings, as some people may try to work out deals with their employers to put off receiving commission and/or bonus payments until after a divorce has been finalized.

Be sure to check out the upcoming conclusion to this blog series for some more red flags a spouse may be planning to divorce you.

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