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7 Signs Your Partner May Be Planning a Divorce (Pt. 1)

Posted By Legal Team | January 22 2018 | Divorce

Marriages can hit rough patches, as finances, children, and other factors can create stress for couples. When, however, these tough times reach a breaking point, one spouse may start taking some steps to plan for divorce.
Delving deeper into this topic, this blog series will point out some common warning signs that a partner may be planning on filing for divorce. Although the info herein is helpful and enlightening, remember that, when you need the best Arizona divorce representation, it’s time to contact Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen A. Schoenau.

Your Partner May Be Planning a Divorce If (S)He…

1 – No Longer Receives Mail at Home

When a partner stops getting significant mail – like, for instance, bank statements and bills – at home, this can be an indication that (s) has set up a new mailing address to specifically prevent you from seeing or knowing about his or her mail. While some people may have their mail sent to their work address during their divorce planning process, others may set up P.O. boxes to divert attorney correspondence, tax documents, etc. from their soon-to-be-ex’s attention.

2 – Has Removed Some Important Documents from Your Home

Do you keep important paperwork like mortgage documents, vehicle titles, etc. in a single, secure place at home? Have some or all of these documents gone missing?
If so, this may be another big red flag that your spouse is planning for divorce. This is generally due to the facts that such documents likely provide a pretty good financial overview of your marital assets and that:

  • Taking these documents can mean that a partner is showing them to a lawyer to start preparing his or her divorce case.
  • (S)he is intentionally trying to prevent you from getting a clear concept of your marital assets, potentially to prevent you from getting an equitable divorce settlement, discovering hidden assets, etc.

For some more signs that a partner may be planning a divorce, be sure to check out the two upcoming installments of this blog series. They will be published soon.

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney at the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau

Are you ready to get the best Arizona divorce representation? If so, it’s time to contact Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen Schoenau. Dedicated to providing the highest-quality legal services at reasonable rates, Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen Schoenau will always work diligently and relentlessly to help her clients bring their cases to successful resolutions.
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