7 Divorce Tips: What You Can Do to Facilitate the Divorce Process (Pt. 3)

Here is the conclusion to our blog series 7 Divorce Tips: What You Can Do to Facilitate the Divorce Process.

Additional Essential Divorce Tips

Divorce Tip #5 – Try to Make Logical, Rational Decisions and Know When to Seek Emotional Support.

Another extremely helpful tip that can facilitate the divorce process is focusing on making decisions based on rational reasons, rather than based on bitterness or emotions. The reason that this can be so crucial in divorce cases is that, when people act out of spite, revenge or other emotional states, it’s far more likely that:

  • Their divorce case will erupt in contentious disputes.
  • The cost and duration of their divorce will increase substantially.
  • They will ultimately not be satisfied with the outcome of their divorce because the courts (and the divorce process) are not designed to be systems for exacting revenge.

Because, however, divorce can bring up a lot of powerful emotions, this divorce tip also involves knowing when to look for outside emotional support – maybe from family or a therapist – if or when emotions may be taking over logical decision making.

Divorce Tip #6 – Remember the Big Picture.

During the divorce process, it can be easy to get mired in the various details, disputes and motions of the proceedings. However, taking a step back and keeping the bigger picture in mind can be crucial to helping you:

  • Make the right decisions as your case proceeds.
  • Take the high road when being vengeful may be all too tempting.

For instance, while you may be tempted try to get back at your ex by fighting to deny him or her custody of your children, remembering the bigger picture – and the fact that your children’s need to spend time with their other parent trump your needs for revenge – can be the driving force to help you make better decisions for everyone involved in your divorce case.

Divorce Tip #7 – Contact Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen Schoenau.

While all of the divorce tips that we’ve discussed thus far can be helpful, the single most important tip to remember when you are getting ready to file for divorce is that you should trust your case in the hands of experienced Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer Karen Schoenau. By doing so, you can be assured that:

  • You are informed of all of your options in divorce.
  • You will have an experienced professional aggressively defending and advocating your interests in the divorce.
  • Your divorce will be resolved as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney at the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau

Do you need help getting ready for a divorce? If so, you can rely on Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen Schoenau for honest answers, effective representation and the best possible outcomes to your case. Since 1987, Karen Schoenau has been committed to helping people resolve their important family law matters, including complex cases related to divorce, custody, paternity and other issues.

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