7 Divorce Mistakes That Can Cost You Time, Money & Stress (Pt. 3)

Here’s the conclusion to our series entitled 7 Divorce Mistakes that Can Cost You Time, Money & Stress.

Divorce Mistakes: More Missteps to Avoid During Divorce

5 – Rebound Dating During Divorce.

Divorce can take months to resolve, and it can take a significant emotional toll on people. This can make it tempting for divorcing parties, who may want to move on romantically and/or have a confidante to lean on during divorce, to rebound rather quickly and start dating during divorce.

While, of course, you can choose to start dating whenever you want to, from a legal and financial perspective, dating during divorce can be one of the biggest divorce mistakes people make. This is because, depending on the details of a given case, dating during divorce can end up leading to:

So, to avoid unnecessarily complicating your divorce, it’s typically advised that you avoid dating until after your divorce is finalized.

6 – Believing Your Ex Will Cooperate Throughout the Proceedings.

You and your ex may have split on friendly terms, and this may lead you to believe that you will be in for some smooth sailing in an upcoming divorce. However, trusting that an ex will cooperate throughout divorce is a BIG divorce mistake to make. This is because it can lead to:

  • You making concessions upfront that may have not been in your best interests.
  • Far less favorable divorce settlements or final divorce decrees.

7 – Not Retaining an Experienced Divorce Attorney.

This divorce mistake goes hand-in-hand with the above-noted divorce mistake, as both of these mistakes involve not taking steps now to protect yourself and your interests in your divorce.

The bottom line is that divorce can be as difficult as it may be unpredictable. In fact, as the issues of a case are reviewed/disputed/resolved, it’s possible for heated emotions to arise, potentially leading to contentious disputes.

With an experienced divorce lawyer like Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen A. Schoenau on your side, you can be confident that you have a skilled lawyer looking out for you, defending your interests and helping you obtain the best possible outcome to your divorce case.

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